Eric used lots of informal expressions, slangs and insults in his writings. 


  • Dork- Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times/Dork is a slang word for a stupid or inept person.
  • ''acting like a freaking dork''
  • Shitheads/fuckheads/Airheads/Dumbasses/dickhead- A complete dumbass; a genuine moron. Rude, stupid person.
  • ''boring geeks''- The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people, with different connotations ranging from "an expert or enthusiast" to "a person heavily interested in a hobby", with a general pejorative meaning of "a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person. A fool, freak person.
  • ''little pansy''- A sissy, fag, fairy, or one that is generally unmanly.
  • ''wuss''- A person who is physically weak and ineffectual. Often a male person with low courage factor.
  • ''little possers''- Scottish slang for a Barbie ayrshire girl,chav'et thats always looking in the mirror and taking photos of herself and touching up her makeup. Someone whos acts like someone theyre not,but not realizing that there being fake, basically a loser trying to fit in. A poser is someone who tries hard to be something they arent. 
  • ''wannabe trend''- follower, a charlatan of sorts.
  • ''yuppie''-a very arrogant well put together young urban professional who you more than likely will find wearing gucci and prada with a large bank account which they love to brag about
  • ''daffy''- Crazy. Madly deranged and completely nuts. Foolish; stupid or mentally imbalanced.
  • ''asshole''- An obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered male who women can't seem to get enough of.


  • Good flipping riddance-  A welcome relief from someone or something undesirable or unwanted. 

Example:''Jon binay however the flip you spell her spoiled name Ramsee!! We don't care! Good flipping riddance!''

  • Give or take 1- Usually happens in a jail. To give it up the ass and then take it up the ass.  Plus or minus a small specified amount
  • ''bust a cap in his ass''- To fire a gun (military slang from the days of percussion cap and ball firearms before the manufacture of individual cartidges consisting of a metal casing holding a bullet, gunpowder and a primer that fired when struck by a firing pin or hammer.)
  • ''move it or lose it''- The phrase is pretty self explanitory. Move it (command), or lose it (threat).
  • '' slow as molasses''- very slow-moving.
  • ''Condom hats''- a extremely tight beanie, without a fold, that resembles a condom when placed on one's head.
  • ''backasswards''- Very nonsensical… to the point of confusion. So completely and utterly the opposite of what should be that trying to think or explain it creates a mental paradox. 

Sexual conotation

  • ''overpower''(sexual conotation): role-playing. when a guy uses tricks in order to win a sexual game.

Example: ''I wasn't done with her untill i overpowered her''

  • ''eat her out''- when a girl spreads her legs for a guy and he pushes his tongue down into her ''sweet'' until she bucks up towards you from pleasure.
  • ''I am a fucking dog''- a guy who hits and runs, as in he tells girls what they wanna hear to get in their panties and as soon as he gets the pussy, he's gone. unable to commit to one woman. DOG.

Another example: Paul is a dog. don't date him!!!

  • ''engulf''- used mainly in pornography. swallow ,surround something completely. 

Example: ''if she can't swallow, she could engulf at least!!''

Mild Curse:

  • flip/flipping- A mild curse word. Often used by the British, and West Indians.

example:''shut the flip up''

  • flicking- like freaking or fucking
  • ''crap''- what one says when one is afraid to say shit
  1. ''bullshit''- nonsense, lies, exaggeration.


  • Eric writing in ebonics(?): ''white boy, whitie, you say dat cuz you be white, yea.. you whitey people all du same, she be white, so she baaad, i bet he did dat stuff cuz he be a white boy''
  • Gawd: A way of writing "Oh my God." while denoting that you're rolling your eyes at the same time.

Source: Eric's journal, ''you know what I hate list''

Urban Dictionary, thank you for helping me define these slangs. And also Wikipedia.